Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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75% of users do not view the second page of search results.

In this video, Jens talks about the importance of SEO specifically

They Can't Hire You if They Can't Find You

It’s common sense.  People (a lot of people) are looking for your type of business online every day.  If your business is toward the top of the list when they do their search, then you have a chance at getting that business.  If you’re not on the list, they’re going to pick someone else.  SEO gets you a shot at getting that client.

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Reputation Marketing

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70% of people trust an online review as much as a referral from a friend or family member.

In this video, Jens talks about the importance of Reputation Management specifically

They Don't Know Who To Trust - So Make It Easy For Them To Trust You.

Harsh Truth: Most of your clients don’t know enough about your business to make an educated decision.  They’re lost and looking for shortcuts to help them make a choice.  The best way to make it easy to choose your business is by showing them positive reviews on third party sites like Google and Yelp.  The fact that other people have used your company and had good experiences makes them trust you.  Reputation Marketing turns prospects into clients.

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These are the most commonly asked questions. Have one not listed here? Contact Us

I don't have a website yet. Is that a problem?
No worries. If you don’t have a website – we can get you set up with one. It can be a super-fancy custom designed and coded site with a complex database driven backend, or it can be super-cheap and based off of a template that looks great and does exactly what you need…but it’s not 100% custom. We will do whatever is appropriate for your budget, your needs, and the expectations of your clientele.
I already have a website. Is that an issue?
Wonderful. Most of our clients already have websites…they’re just not getting any traffic or making any money until we do our Search Engine Optimization. Before we even reach an agreement, we’ll look over your site and make sure that it can be optimized and that we can work with it. Some sites are coded in ways that simply can’t be optimized well. If your site falls in that category, we will tell you and explain what’s needed to fix it. But don’t worry about that now – 90% of all the sites we see are completely fine and able to be optimized.
How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the level of competition. Some markets are hugely competitive online (which makes beating the competition more fun for us and typically more profitable for you) so it costs more to do a thorough optimization job. Some markets don’t have a lot of competent competitors yet…so we can do those for less. Ultimately you should look at the cost through the lens of how many jobs/clients does your site need to generate before your internet marketing and SEO campaign begins to pay for itself. Most of the time it doesn’t need to generate many clients at all before it becomes a hugely profitable marketing activity.
How long does it take?
SEO typically takes a few months to get really impressive rankings. We’ve been able to get good rankings in the past in as little as a few weeks, but that’s not normal. 4-6 months is normal. PPC is fast. We can set up a campaign and be getting traffic within as little as 15 minutes after launching it.
How do I know it will work?
It’s always worked in the past and we know what the search engines consider important. So ranking for good keywords fairly simple for us. It takes a lot of work, but it’s fairly straight forward cause and effect. We just make your site seem more important for specific phrases than your competitors’ pages, and Google ranks you higher because it wants the best at the top.
How do I know it is working?
At first you won’t see any evidence at all that the SEO is doing much. Running some DEEP ranking reports will show your site pages getting indexed and rapidly climbing out of the depths, but really…page 2 and 3 are about the same as page 10 as far as traffic goes. You’re not going to get any traffic from the SEO campaign until we break the first page. Then you’ll start seeing more traffic from those specific keywords in your analytics reports and more leads or sales. PPC and Social Media will show up in your analytics reporting so you can see that those are having an effect right away.