The Internet Marketing Geekery is a monthly meetup that Jens hosts in the Twin Cities.  It’s designed for people who are Internet Marketers (of any type) to get together and talk shop with others who understand what they’re talking about.  Any Internet marketing topic is fair game.  The format is generally an open group-wide discussion on any number of topics.

The Geekery is friendly to beginning Internet Marketers and you will definitely learn a lot if you’re a beginner and you come to the event.  However – this is important – the point of the group is for Internet Marketers to talk shop and get better and make connections.  This is not a “Internet Marketing for Beginners” class.

One final thing – we have only one real rule and it’s immutable.  We do not try to sell our services to each other.  Even if Internet Marketers are your perfect audience / clients if you try to sell at the meeting you will be asked to leave.  This includes people trying to drum up excitement for their MLM biz op.

Learn more about the Geekery and join us by clicking here